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Here you can find assistance for many of your issues. If nothing here assists you, you can submit a help ticket.

General Issues:

If you are having issues with a page loading please try reloading your browser page. If that does not work try exiting your browser and re-opening it, and returning to the same page. If you are receiving a 404 (Page not found) error, you most likely have an address to a page that is no longer available, or is temporarily down for maintenance. Please take this into consideration before submitting a help ticket. If a page has consistently been giving you a 404 error code for more than 3-5 days please submit the help ticket linked above.

Blog Post Issues:

ATTENTION: Our Blog System is currently undergoing slight re-design. Please be patient!

If you have posted a comment on to one of our blog posts, please be patient as some comments require the approval of a site admin before they can be posted, and others must go through an automatic approval checking system which may take anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour. If your comment required approval, please check back in a day, and you comment will likely appear on the post.

Private Pages Password:

As you may have noticed some of the pages on our website require a password to access. This password will be given out to all cadets at the begging of each year/semester. If you are a parent and would like to request the password, please contact a cyber officer. Otherwise, if you do not have the password for a page it is not intended for your use at this time.

Contact Info Missing:

If someone's contact information on the contact us page is missing, please submit a help ticket below, and Cyber Officers will add them in due time. Please be patient at the end and start of each new semester, as staff positions and other contact related info changes with the end of each semester/year.

Uniform Website:

If you need assistance with our new uniform website, please use the built in support page for the uniform website. Also refer to the uniform website's Knowledge Base (a collection of support articles) before submitting a help ticket.